Johana Vasquez

While most dancers start training early in life, Johana Vasquez did not immerse herself into the world of dance until her late teens. She started her formal salsa training in 2001 at Otto Show Dance Studio in Elizabeth, New Jersey under the direction of Otoniel Palacios. It was not without extreme dedication and a dose of natural talent that Johana was able to get so far in her career so fast. It was here that she began performing with the group Otto Show y Su Grupo Melao and training with her dance partner Jhon Rodriguez. Along with John and Grupo Melao, Johana competed in many national and international dance competitions. Not long after joining Melao, she became co-director of the company. Jhon and Johana have created a name for themselves through traveling and competing all over the world. Most recently, they won third place in the 2014 World Salsa Summit Cabaret Couples division. In 2015, Johana won first place at the World Latin Dance Cup in the Salsa Ladies Couples division, alongside Nadia Acevedo. Since opening her studio, Johana has dedicated her time to molding young dancers with strong work ethics and continues to perform along with her students all over the globe. She has also won several recognitions for her work as an instructor and choreographer.